Mini Storage, Regular Self Storage And Maxi Storage: Determining What Size Storage You Need When You Have Oddly Shaped Items

Not all self-storage units are created equal. There is mini storage, regular self-storage and maxi storage. So which of these is best suited for your needs when you have some very unusual items to store? What if the items you are attempting to store are awkwardly shaped or sized in ways that make them difficult to store?  Here are some pointers that can help you store some of your more unusual-sized or unusual-shaped items.

Mini Storage

A company that offers mini storage may have a large indoor or outdoor building filled with several of these storage "closets." If your items can be stored vertically, at an angle or on the diagonal (e.g., long fishing poles, flag poles, Olympic-sized volleyball nets and poles, etc.), then you can use a mini storage unit for your items. If there is absolutely no way the height and or width of your items can fit in a mini storage unit in any of these ways, then you might want to try the next size up.

Regular Self-Storage

Regular self-storage units are typically larger than mini storage units but smaller than maxi storage. They are the middle-of-the-road option for renters who need double or triple the space of most mini storage units or simply cannot make their awkwardly-shaped or oddly-sized items fit. If you clearly need more room to make something like a cannon, whale harpoon, or catfishing pole fit without bending it in half, and you have no other place to store such an item safely, then these units may be your answer. Usually, these units are about the size of a small garage, which leads some renters to use them as places to store motorcycles or classic cars.

Maxi Storage

As the name suggests, these are some of the largest storage units you can rent. You may even be able to rent a maxi storage unit that is so tall and so wide that you can fit a good-sized sailboat in it with the main mast still erect and in position. Yachts, automotive transport trucks, heavy duty construction equipment and even that pair of three-story-high stilts that allows you to perform as a clown at kids' parties and walk about in local parades can be safely stored in these enormous, almost warehouse-like storage units. The best part is that the doors on these are often operated with a garage door opener because they are too large and too heavy to be lifted manually, so all of your stuff remains safe and it can be taken out and restored without cramming things in at awkward angles.

For more information, contact a local company like Simonson's Mini Storage.

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