Keeping Your Self-Storage Unit Free Of Humidity To Avoid Damage To Personal Belongings

If you are planning on placing items in a self-storage unit in the near future, you most likely have some concerns about the safety of your belongings as they are kept in an area away from daily view. Moisture due to high humidity levels can cause an array of damage to personal items including wood rot, corrosion, and rusting. To avoid this scenario, it is necessary to take some precautionary steps in protecting your belongings appropriately. Here are some tips you can use to help keep your items from becoming a victim to humidity levels.

Consider Renting A Climate Controlled Unit

One way to take away some of the worry of damage is with the rental of a climate controlled unit instead of renting one that remains at a content temperature. The temperature control settings can be altered as necessary to help keep the interior of your unit cool and dry. This may cost a bit more in monthly rental costs but will quickly offset the difference in needing to replace items that become damaged due to excessive heat and moisture.

Do A Complete Evaluation Of The Unit For Suspect Areas

Before you commit to signing a storage unit rental agreement, ask to see the exact unit the company will be providing to you to house your belongings. Take the time to inspect the walls for any cracks or crevices that allow airflow to get inside and either ask the company to make repairs to these areas or ask for a different unit altogether.

Check that the door is securely in place when in a closed position so no air or moisture is able to get inside. If the gasket does not have a proper seal, this will need to be replaced to help keep your items safe. To test the door, place a piece of paper on the ground underneath the area where the door will shut. Close it and see if you are able to pull the paper out with ease. If there is no resistance, move onto a new unit or ask for repair work to be done.

Add Moisture Grabbing Agents In The Enclosed Space

There are several products on the market that help in dehumidifying an area prone to moisture. These usually come in a canister or box form and contain particles that grab moisture from the air, trapping it inside the product. Purchase several of these dehumidifying helpers and place them in each corner of your storage unit to help keep moisture under control. Alternately, bowls of kitty litter or cedar wood pieces can be used to help retain excessive moisture from your unit. Be sure to swap them with new pieces periodically to retain a dry atmosphere in your unit.

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