3 Things You Shouldn't Store In Your Storage Unit

Many people get a storage unit at a facility like Park Lanes Storage to help them store their belongings. It may be that you are moving and need somewhere to keep your things until you are settled, or perhaps you have too much to keep in your own house and you need extra space to store them. Whatever the reason for the storage unit, there are some things that you shouldn't store in a storage unit. Here are some things you should know.

1. Paint, Gas, or Any Other Type Of Chemicals

Many people have unused paint from house projects, gasoline for appliances and other types of chemicals. Although it is fine to have these things, it is not safe to keep them in a storage unit where you cannot supervise them. If you were to have a gasoline spill in the storage unit, you may not know it for weeks or months, which could be incredibly dangerous. It wouldn't only compromise the safety of your belongings; it could be a hazard to the safety of the whole storage facility.

For this reason, it is best to keep all of your chemicals at your house where you can keep an eye on them. If you are moving, then you should dispose of these items and re-purchase them when you get settled.

2. Priceless and Irreplaceable Items

Another thing you should avoid storing are items that are very special to you that cannot be replaced. For instance, if your grandmother gave you a piece of jewelry that is rare and incredibly meaningful to you, you should keep that on your person, even if you are moving, rather than put it in a storage unit.

Although most storage units are very safe, without you there to watch them throughout the day, you cannot guarantee that they will be safe. Rather than be frustrated that something happened to a special item, you should just keep it with you.

3. Firearms and Ammo

Lastly, you should consider keeping any weapons and firearms you own with you rather than storing them. If someone were to break into the unit, although unlikely, it would be very dangerous for them to get a hold of a gun registered to you. In addition, it is unsafe to keep weapons in a place that is unsupervised by the owner. If you do have to store them, make sure that the guns and ammo are stored separately and that they are stored in some sort of locked safe.

By doing these things, you can be sure that the things you are storing are safe. 

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