Why Location Should Influence Your Choice of Self-Storage Facility

If you are looking for a self-storage facility, don't just be awed by its rich features; consider its location too. A storage facility may have climate control, high-tech security, and the best manager, but it may still not be right for your needs if it isn't located in the right place. Here are some of the things to consider when evaluating the location of a storage place.


A storage facility's location will determine how far it is from your home or business, and distance is a very crucial consideration. How far you are from your storage place will determine how much you will spend to collect your things or check on them. It may also determine whether you can go to the facility on the spur of the moment or will you need to plan to visit.

For example, if you live in the outskirts of the suburbs, and you need to access your stored items frequently, then it wouldn't make much sense to use a facility located in the middle of the urban center. You also need to think about traffic; you don't want to spend hours in traffic each time you want to pick something from storage.


The location of a storage facility also determines how secure it is. Even if a storage facility has a secure wall around it, surveillance cameras, and guard dogs, it will still be relatively insecure if it is located in a shady neighborhood than if it is located in a safe area. Remember, you are not just considering the safety and security of your stored items; you also need to consider your security when coming to and leaving the facility. You don't want to store your valuables somewhere people are afraid to drive to after dusk and risk getting mugged on your way out.


Lastly, the location of a storage place will also determine its rental prices. Real estate is costly in urban centers and other prime areas, so the facilities must charge enough fees to cover their overheads and make some profit. The issue of cost will affect everybody, but it will hit you particularly hard if you want to store bulky items and need serious space. However, a storage place in a pricey neighborhood may still make sense if you are willing to pay premium prices for security and convenience.

Therefore, when hunting for a self-storage place such as Statewide Self Storage, it's a good idea to narrow down your choices to desirable locations before zeroing in on other factors. 

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