Things To Consider Before You Pack Your Holiday Decorations Into Your Storage Unit

If you're the type of person who enjoys going all out around the holidays, the decorations that you use may exceed your available storage space at home. In this scenario, renting a self-storage unit will come in very handy, and it will provide the needed room to properly store all your items during the months that they're not on display in and outside your home. When you're getting ready to pack up your items at the end of the holiday season to transfer them back to your storage unit, here are some things that you'll want to consider.

Your Future Use Of Each Particular Item

Over time, the decorations that you use around the holidays can lose their appeal. Some things can get damaged from being put up and taken down each year, while others may no longer be suitable for the overall design look you wish to achieve in your home. Assessing your future use of each item before you pack it away and take it to your storage unit is a good idea because doing so can prevent you from storing things unnecessarily. If you're not honestly going to use a certain decoration the following holiday season, it's better to get rid of it now instead of letting it consume space in your unit.

The Manner In Which You Store Each Item

Packing up your decorations after the holidays is never as exciting as unpacking them and putting them up at the start of December, and this may compel you to rush through the process — perhaps even cramming items into boxes so that you can hurriedly take everything to the storage facility. Give some thought to how you're storing your items. If you rush through the packing process, you may be disappointed to open a box next holiday season and see that an item is bent or broken. If you need larger boxes or better storage options, the rental office at your storage center may sell these products.

The Order In Which You'll Need Items

As you pack your decorations up, think about the order in which you'll need to retrieve these things next holiday season. Keep this concept in mind as you load the items into your storage unit. Generally, you'll want to put those that you need last toward the rear of the unit, and those that you'll want right away toward the front of the unit. For example, if you set up a bunch of decorations at the start of December but wait for a week or 10 days to put up your artificial tree, make sure that the tree is toward the rear of the unit so that it won't be in the way when you attempt to retrieve the items you'll want earlier.

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