Own And Manage A Rental? Rent A Small Storage Unit Nearby

While some people who own a rental property may prefer to hire a property management company to handle all the marketing and tenant-to-landlord relations, you may feel the opposite way. If you enjoy running a rental property, you may look forward to everything that comes with being a landlord, but this does not mean that you are handling it all in an optimal manner.

To make it a bit easier to manage a rental and provide your tenants with a better experience, you should look at renting a storage unit near the property.

Replacement Parts 

Eventually, you will need to replace some of the parts inside the rental. An ideal situation is when this happens during a vacancy so that you do not have to rush through the process. Also, you will not need to work with tenants to see when you can come into the home to solve any issues.

If you know that certain parts need to be replaced somewhat often such as horizontal blinds, window screens, and light bulbs, you can keep extras inside the storage unit. This will keep you from having to do any shopping once you get a call, text, or email from a tenant about a problem.

Building Supplies

Another thing that you should consider putting in the storage unit is any building supplies left over from the previous owners or from when you have worked on the property yourself. For instance, if you plan on replacing the carpet soon, you will benefit from putting any extra carpet into storage because you can use it later to repair or replace damaged carpeting in the rental.


While you may like to keep documents at home where you print them out, you should also consider putting backups into the storage unit to avoid a situation in which you have to drive all the way back home because you forgot paperwork for a tenant. In this situation, you will want to invest in climate-controlled storage so that you know the paper will not get damaged.


When you work on the property, you may bring over a lot of tools from your home. However, if you have a tool collection that is designated for use at the rental property, you can put it into a nearby storage unit so that you always have quick and easy access to what you need.

Managing a rental property will become easier when you rent a storage unit nearby.

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