Tips For Packing A Self Storage Unit

Need to move some things out of your home and into storage? If so, you don't want to just put things into the unit haphazardly. Here are some tips for storing items in a self storage unit.

Box Stacking

Chances are that you have plenty of boxes that are going into a storage unit, and you may be tempted to store them based on their shape so that the boxes take up the least amount of room possible. However, this may not be the best idea. You will be better off stacking boxes so that the heaviest box is resting on the bottom. This stacking method is better for a couple of reasons. Not only will the boxes not fall down while in storage, which can break things in the process, but the heavy boxes will not collapse into the boxes below them. 

Think you can stack your boxes to the ceiling? This may make it difficult to get items out of storage when the time comes. Place boxes about as tall as you are, which will give you some room to easily grab boxes and shuffle them around.

Instead of packing the storage unit tight like a moving truck, try to create a center aisle that runs from front to back, which will make everything accessible in the storage unit.

Box Labeling

Labeling boxes is crucial to eventually finding something that is packed inside. That is why it is worth making a list of what is in each box. A list can easily be taped or stapled to the exterior of the box, with the list facing the aisle in the storage unit. As long as you can walk through the aisle, you should easily be able to identify where everything is in a storage unit. 

Mattress Storage

A common mistake when storing mattresses is to place them vertically in the unit. Unfortunately, this is bad for the mattress and can cause it to become damaged and feel uncomfortable when you remove the mattress for use in the future. Store mattresses flat, preferably on top of other items. Avoid placing heavy items on the mattress as well, which can also cause damage to the springs. 

Furniture Protection

Use blankets or furniture pads to cover items that are being put into storage. This will help prevent damage that is caused to the item when moving in and out of storage or when placing other things into storage. The last thing you want to happen is to have a long scratch on a piece of furniture because you removed the furniture padding once it was in the storage unit. 

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