Use Climate Controlled Storage to Help You Recycle or Upcycle

Climate controlled storage isn't just a way to protect musical instruments or store some moving boxes while you move to your new home. A climate controlled storage unit can offer benefits in many situations. Here are some ways you can use your unit to help you recycle or upcycle.

Store recyclables until you have a full load

Sometimes, a recycling habit can take up more space over a longer period of time than anticipated. For instance, if you're storing up aluminum cans to turn in or if you're trying to fill up a terracycle box, the process could take up space in your house until you've amassed enough to send the box in. If your area doesn't provide recycling and you have to save up recyclables until you have the minimum amount required by the recycling facility, you could be in a similar situation. Whether you simply don't have the square footage for the project or whether a family member is annoyed by the space it takes up, you may start to find this inconvenient. Instead of trying to collect outdoors where the items could become contaminated or even be stolen or vandalized, use your self-storage unit to keep them safe.

Refurbish and upcycle antiques

Antiques often require an extremely well-controlled environment to avoid damage. For instance, antiques made of wood could split and crack if the humidity and temperature aren't controlled well. Since a climate-controlled self storage unit has narrowly controlled atmosphere, it's the ideal place to store antiques until you can refurbish or upcycle them.

Upcycle used decor into cash

If you're redecorating your home, you may not have time to sell all your old decor before the new decor arrives. But rather than throwing out all your old unneeded decorations and furniture, you can simply pack them up in your storage unit and list them on online marketplaces. Not only can selling these gently used items help you get back some of the money you put into them, but it can give each item a new chance at life rather than sending it to the landfill.

Store excess construction materials for your next project

If you've recently completed an addition, remodel, or other construction project around your home, you may know that construction materials can not only become damaged from the weather but can also fall victim to thieves. If you have any old construction materials left over and you'd like to keep them safe from the criminal element and the other elements, a climate controlled storage unit is an ideal place. The climate control will reduce chances of rusting, or warping due to excessive humidity.

As you can see, climate controlled storage can help you recycle or upcycle items in a variety of ways. Contact your local self storage facility today to learn more.

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