Tips For Storing Your Items Wisely

The extra care and attention that you put into packing and storing things can make things much better for you later on. If you just stack your items into the unit carelessly, then you might find yourself dealing with a big situation if you end up needing one thing out of the unit and you have no idea where it is. If you pack everything into cardboard boxes and stack it all in the unit quickly, then you might not know where things are if you need them later. as such, it is important to follow these tips when you are going to be storing your things: 

Keep a detailed list or chart

There are different ways you can keep track of what you are packing and what boxes each item has gone in. No matter how you do it, you just want to make sure you have a way of looking up an item and finding which box it is in. 

Use photos or clear bins for miscellaneous items

If you have a bunch of items that you don't know how to categorize or that you don't want to go through one at a time, then you can put those things into clear bins that you will be able to see right into. Or, you can take pictures of all those items spread out before you pack them into a box. Print the picture and then tape it right onto the front of the box. You will need to chart where the miscellaneous boxes are though, so you can still look them up on your chart or list. Or, you can keep those boxes near the front where you can see them easily. 

Use one box for all small hardware and other important items

One way to make sure you don't end up losing important hardware that you will need to put furniture back together is to store it all in one box. Other very important things like remote controls, keys, and switches can go in this box as well. It should be labeled as a very important one and you may want it to be a clear container as well. 

Rate your boxes

You should consider rating your boxes using a system that lets you know which ones have the less needed items and which ones have important things that you might need right after moving things from storage. The boxes rated as less important can go further back in the unit and the ones rated as the most important ones should go in the front of the unit.

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