Self-Storage Security Features To Consider

Since you have decided to move or stage your home, you'll need temporary storage for your belongings. The obvious choice is self-storage units in the area. Most people will ask about the cost and access hours, but the most important feature is security. 

You're trusting that your belongings, especially the high-value items, are secure in the self-storage unit. Therefore, look for these features before you select a self-storage unit. 

Perimeter Fence 

How did you access the property? Is there a fence or perimeter wall to restrict access to the property? Access to the units should be limited to the gates. Also, check whether anyone can enter the property. 

Note if it's easy for non-tenants to enter. Since you're currently a non-tenant looking to lease a unit, note down if the facility allowed you through without confirming your details and purpose of visit. That should give you an idea of how secure the property is and anything inside. 

Computer-Controlled Access 

Once you have leased a self-storage unit, you'll receive a unique code that grants you access to the facility. This helps the facility manager monitor traffic in and out of the facility. Some facilities will not have gates, but they'll offer unique codes to access buildings with storage units. 

Alarm Systems 

Check if the facility is fitted with alarm systems. Ideally, you'll want a facility that has individually alarmed self-storage units. An alarm system designed for the entire facility is great, but it's not as accurate as individually alarmed units. Therefore, if someone attempts to break into your self-storage unit, the alarm will alert the security, and they'll respond to your unit. Here, you're guaranteed a better and faster response if anything happens to your self-storage unit. 

Motion Detectors 

Motion detectors are activated by movement, which will help security isolate areas that have been compromised. Also, ask if the motion detectors are connected to the lighting system. Visit the facility at night to understand how their security measures work. 

Check if the lights turn on as you approach your unit. Motion-sensitive lights will help security identify areas with guests. They can track movements and ensure only renters can access the facility. The security will also confirm that the renters only access their registered units. 

Well-Maintained Facility

Check if the facility and units are well maintained. Also, check if they have enough staff to secure the premises. Do they have a facility manager to ensure the maintenance and everything else goes smoothly? Are broken locks replaced, and how often do they inspect the facility? Answering these questions will help you determine the capabilities of the facility.

Contact a self-storage company for more information. 

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