Why Preppers Like Self-Storage Facilities

There are countless uses for self-storage units. Whether someone is a student needing a place to store some things they are bringing with them to college, or an elderly person moving into a retirement home, storage units can be a big help when it comes to storing one's belongings. They can also be used by businesses that need a place to store things like some of their machinery, equipment, merchandise, or other items. A lot of preppers use self-storage units when they don't have a safe place to store the things they are stockpiling. If you are a prepper, or you are interested in getting started on stocking up on things just in case, you will find this article to be helpful. It will go over some reasons why preppers may find self-storage units to be a great option. 

Self-Storage Generally Offers 24/7 Access

Most of the self-storage facilities will offer access day and night, as well as any day of the week. This is important to preppers, because it lets them know that they can get into their storage units any time they want to add things to it or get things out of it. The storage facilities generally have a card access system for the gate, so they can drive in after showing their card or putting in their code. 

Self-Storage Units Are Often Climate Controlled

Most of the storage facilities offer climate controlled storage units. Preppers will find this to be extremely important. Since they will likely be storing a lot of things like canned and bagged food items, they need to know that those things are being stored in an environment that will help them to last as long as possible. 

Self-Storage Can Be Set Up in Any Way

Another important thing about self-storage units that preppers, as well as many other people, like is the units can be set up any way the person wants. This makes it simple for them to organize everything in a way that allows them to easily keep track of what they have in there and makes it easy for them to find something when they want it. 


If you are a prepper, or you are planning on becoming a prepper, then you want to begin by figuring out where you are going to be keeping your stockpile. Consider the above information on self-storage and whether it may be the right answer for you as well.

If you have any questions about self-storage, contact a facility near you.

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