Self-Storage Services Come In Handy When You Need Temporary Storage While You're Out Of Town

If you have a problem with crimes in your area that involve things like car theft, breaking into sheds, or stealing things from yards, you may put off going out of town for an extended time if your property will be vacant for a few weeks. A solution to this problem is to rent a self-storage unit. You can rent by the month for an affordable cost and have peace of mind while you're away. Here are a few things to know about self-storage services

The Storage Units Come In All Sizes

Decide on what you want to put in the unit so a representative at the storage facility can help you choose the right size. If you only need to put a few valuables in storage such as bicycles or a kayak, the smallest unit might be all you need. Since you'll pay more the larger the unit gets, it helps to get the smallest unit you need so you don't pay for space you won't use.

You'll Need Your Own Lock

The storage facility might sell locks at the front desk, but you'll need to buy one or bring your own. You'll want a sturdy lock that can't be cut or picked open very easily, so you may want to research locks to make sure you get one that keeps your belongings secure. Your self-storage unit may be outdoors in a row of buildings that look like sheds, so in addition to getting a strong lock, you'll also want to look for a facility that has good security with fencing, gated entrances, and security cameras.

You Might Want Climate Control

If the self-storage service has units with air conditioning and heat, you might want to rent one for added security and to make sure your belongings won't be damaged by excessive heat, humidity, or freezing temperatures.

Climate-controlled units are often inside. If the things you intend to store are normally kept in your shed or outdoors, you may not even want or need climate control, but it's good to know you have the option if you want it.

Learn About Payments And Giving Notice

If you plan to be away for a few months, such as when you spend the winter in a warmer climate, you may want to have the monthly payment automatically debited each month or ask about paying online for your convenience. Facilities usually make it as easy as possible to rent a self-storage unit.

Be sure to ask about when you should give notice that you want to get your things out of storage so you don't have to pay for an extra month unnecessarily. All of these details should be lined out in the contract you sign for your self-storage unit, but be sure to ask about anything you're not clear about.  

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