Cold Storage Warehousing For Perishables: Instrumental Tips To Remember

If you have perishables that you need to store for the foreseeable future, a cold storage warehouse is one of the best resources you could use. You just need to set this warehousing up in the following ways.

Find the Right Temperature Range

You know that your perishable goods need to be kept cold in storage in order to avoid spoiling, but the exact temperature range is important to key in on. Ideally, you need to figure this range out before you store a bunch of valuable perishables in a cold storage warehouse.

If you've never stored perishables on a temporary basis before, you'll probably need to consult with a cold storage warehouse manager or owner. They can look at your specific goods and recommend a temperature range that you can trust. Also, if your goods ever change, they can see if temperature changes are warranted and give you concrete advice if they are. 

Know the Difference Between Refrigerated and Frozen Storage

You have a couple of different warehouse types to consider when storing perishables on a short-term or long-term basis. Whatever you choose, it's important to know the difference between refrigerated and frozen storage.

The former option isn't as cold and is typically used for things like fruits and vegetables. Whereas with frozen storage, the temperature range is much colder and this works well for a lot of meats that need to be kept preserved. Choose a storage type that makes sense for the perishables you plan to store for the foreseeable future.

Hire a Cold Storage Warehousing Expert

Since cold storage warehouses are much different than regular warehouses because of the temperature range involved, you want to make sure you hire a true expert on cold storage warehousing. Then you know your products will remain in good hands.

A cold storage warehousing expert will know what temperature range is appropriate, and also have the means to keep temperatures at the correct range. For instance, their warehouse will have ample insulation and potentially HVAC equipment to keep the temperatures low for the integrity of your perishables. Additionally, this expert can make suggestions if you need guidance at any point.

Cold storage warehousing makes it possible to keep a lot of perishables at a cold temperature range, which is vital to prevent product loss. As long as you know how to use these warehousing solutions correctly, you'll get the most out of them month after month. 

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